Who is Rick Shaw ?

Rick Shaw is a US Navy, Vietnam Veteran. His education includes a Bachelors Degree in Interpersonal Communication and a Masters Degree in Human Relations from the University of Oklahoma. Rick has been Certified in six essential categories of Anger Management training by Anderson & Anderson of Los Angeles, California. He was a National Trainer for the US Postal Service for over 25 years, and has been teaching Anger Management classes for over 15 years. His clients include OK DHS, Oklahoma Court Services, Norman Pardon & Parole, US Postal Service, the University of Oklahoma, public schools in central Oklahoma, and many private individuals.

What is Anger Management Education?

Anger Management Education is not counseling or therapy but an interactive class to teach individuals how to identify their emotions and gain control of them to improve their social skills.  There are many times when we do not like the way things are happening. This course helps an individual defuse their natural desire to explode and handle the little stressors of life better.

How many sessions will it take?

Clients who are court ordered to take Anger Management training are required to complete both an assessment and 12 hours of classes. Rick has a private office at the Midtown Plaza in Norman, OK and sees clients on a one on one, individual basis, this way the client gets 100% of his attention and can speak freely and confidentially. At the completion of the 12 hours of training, the client receives a certificate of completion and a form to give to the assigning authority.

What topics are covered in a session?

Assessments typically take around 2 hours. It includes a discussion of the event that led to the client coming to anger management training and a psychological evaluation to determine the client’s emotional background, which helps Rick custom design the course. The course then covers the following four areas: Identifying Stressors, Defusing Anger Triggers, Emotional Intelligence, and improving Communication skills.

How much is the cost of a consultation?

The cost of the course depends on the individual’s particular needs. Please contact Rick to discuss making an assessment appointment and fees. Rick has been able to keep his fees low by not participating in health insurance programs and are normally close to your deductibles, but special arrangements are available when necessary.

Still have more questions?

For further questions please send a message to get started on the process of taking back control of your life!