Anger Management Certified Programs available for corporate seminars.

Why would a business or organization hire someone to come in and do anger management classes with their employees?

The answer is not that simple. It is rare to find a company that operates with ideal relations. Sadly there are personnel issues that undermine even the best work environments. These can reduce productivity and result in lost work hours. Employees sometimes become aggressive, combative and plot revenge against each other or the company. Stress leads to anger and my program’s goal is to identify these problems and help your employees refocus on the job for everyone’s benefit.

How would my company benefit from an anger management seminar?

Even though management may point at the disruptive employees and blame them for the problems in the workplace, it is up to the whole organization to work together.  The benefits of an anger management seminar include improved communication between all parties, reduced interpersonal rivalries, and restoring workplace continuity.

Workplace Anger Management Programs (Typical formats)

  • 10-15 person groups,
  • Either on site or at a neutral location.
  • 2 four hour sessions on successive days
  • Individual follow-ups for management or staff employees
  • The fees are relative to services required.

Still have more questions?

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