Anger Management Certified Programs for Individuals or Couples

Individual Sessions

  • The standard Anger Management course typically includes an Assessment and 12 one hour sessions of training classes.
  • People normally notice an improvement in the way they interact with others after 8 hours of classes.
  • They are calmer, less stressful and sleep better.
  • And for some is the fulfillment of court ordered requirements,

Couple Sessions

  • This is not marriage counselling, or therapy
  • It is an opportunity for both parties to identify what is upsetting them and then find positive ways to improve their relationship.
  • First step is to focus on today and not the past.
  • Most couples have forgotten the good attributes of their spouses.
  • Finally we work on improving communication between the couple
  • Couples come as long as they feel it is necessary. Usually 3 or 4 sessions.

Still have more questions?

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